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choice of Montrealers with 22 per cent of the vote on the island. He stood firm on his immigration proposals in the wake of criticism from his opponents and voters alike. The election was supposed to be a far more competitive contest. Instead, the CAQ ended the night with.4 per cent, the Liberals with.8 per cent. The CAQ's majority was broad, with the party winning most of the seats elderly topics in the suburbs around Montreal, in Quebec City and in central and western Quebec. The polls suggested that the CAQ was edging into majority territory, though it was far from a certainty. Voter turnout was estimated around 67 per cent. Watch: Trudeau says he congratulated Legault, will speak with him over immigration. It marks the emergence of QS (led by co-spokespeople Manon Massé and Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois) as a real player on the provincial scene, and potentially the future home of progressive and sovereignist voters in Quebec. An era of change, legault, a former PQ cabinet minister, founded the party in 2011 as a nationalist third-way between the sovereignist PQ and the federalist Liberals. The impact of the renegotiation of the free trade agreement with the United States, which included some sacrifices for Quebec's dairy industry, might have played a role as well. The CAQ, which has positioned itself as centre-right of the spectrum, is also the first new party to take power in the province since 1976. That is down nearly 19 points from the turnout in these ridings in 2014. It's a much stronger mandate than the CAQ perhaps had the right to expect going into election day and it has the potential to significantly redraw the political map in Quebec for years to come. Peter McCabe/The Canadian Press With files from Globals Shakti Langlois-Ortega and The Canadian Press 2018 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. The provinces subsidized daycare types of writing paper program also has broad support, with Legault promising a flat rate.05 per day, instead of the existing system that charges more to higher-income parents. I am not bitter I am proud, he said. "It's a matter of time before the majority comes non-French speaking Legault said. Whatever the reason, the results should put an end to the myth that the Quebec Liberals always beat their polls. I am so, so proud of us, so proud of the campaign we led, Massé said. CAQ wins stretch to unexpected parts of province.

The provinces outgoing premier, the CAQ could have benefited from the depressed turnout of their opponents and a bandwagon effect that helped push them over the top in the final days. For the Parti Québécois, here are 5 key promises made by the CAQ. Québec Solidaire, marking a first victory for the party and a stunning defeat for the Liberals. Outgoing Parti Québécois Leader JeanFrançois Lisée led the PQ to its worst showing in the popular vote since the partyapos. Ungava in the north of Quebec. Mondays election represented an implosion for the sovereigntist party. Including management in Liberal strongholds, the leftleaning party led by Manon Massé and Gabriel NadeauDubois. Has boosted its presence by securing 10 ridings across Quebec.

The Liberals had been in power in Quebec since 2003. Supporters of Québec Solidaire react as they watch election results at the headquarters of Manon Massé in Montreal. But more significantly, re not talking about separation with the rest of Canada weapos. Couillard address said in conceding," i look forward to working writings with Premier Legault to make Quebec.

Legault explained that newcomers would be issued a temporary certificate, and would then have three years to take free French classes and pass a basic test.But the partys lead had appeared to dwindle over the course of the campaign as he faced criticism for a controversial promise to expel immigrants who after three years in the province fail a French language and Quebec values test.In the end, it wasn't close at all.