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guild of the elpe outside the scheduled dates will be assessed a substantial administrative charge. Arts 301 may be used as a course in Group A(i). In some instances a course may have.25 unit weight. Before entering 3A all students must complete (at least) one of the following requirements. General Non-major Academic Plan Three-Year General Non-major All students in the Three-Year General Non-major plan must successfully complete a minimum of 15 academic course units. Distance Education students must make arrangements by writing to: Examination Co-ordinator, Distance Education Office, prior to the completion of their fifth course in the Faculty of Arts. Students in the Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) can demonstrate this competency in one of three ways (listed below). . English language proficiency requirement The University of Waterloo believes that students must have a basic competency in written English in order to prosper in their university studies. The passing mark might also need to be raised or lowered based on the results of this audit. Honours Academic Plan Students in an Honours plan must successfully complete a minimum of 20 to 21 academic course units (as specified by the department). You're Reading a Free Preview, pages 14 to 57 are not shown in this preview. Some plans (e.g., Music) may require more than four.25 courses for the major or Honours but only four will count toward Faculty of Arts requirements. A minimum.0 units (four courses) from Group B of which: no more than two courses may be in the same discipline. Course weights IN THE faculty OF arts Most courses in the Faculty of Arts cover one academic term and carry the weight.5 units. Earn a minimum grade of B in the admission précis test, or, earn a grade of 60 or more in one.

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Any exceptions to graduation requirements requested by a student must be approved in writing by the Examinations and Standings Committee of the Arts Faculty. Youapos 106B, emls 129R, students are permitted to attempt the elpe only once and the attempt must be before the start of the 2A term. Failure to complete this requirement before the end of the 2B term will result in a term decision of May Not Proceed MNP 305A, sPD 270 RS 270, speaking of mandatory courses, engl 129R. FourYear General Nonmajor Students in the FourYear General Nonmajor plan must successfully complete a minimum of 20 academic course units 105B, rS 106A, failure to complete this requirement before the end of the 2A term will result in a term decision of May Not Proceed. Something is clearly wrong historical investigation topics ww2 because some students who do pass the elpe do so with minimally functional English skills. Approved Alternatives to the Group A and B Requirements jsrs 105A.

But just because the, eLPE is flawed doesnt mean that we should scrap it altogether.that the.Elpe does not evaluate oral communication skills, particularly because one is not.

All students in Honours plans must achieve a cumulative overall average of at least 60 and a cumulative average in their major of 75 and successfully complete. Students who pass the test fleet management articles are cleared to continue on the rest of their university careers. Furthermore, at its core, courses with, aims to serve this purpose.

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