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is troubling in too many books and articles by feminist journalists in the.S. I feel that life should be an art form. Surely, modern women are strong enough now to give credit where credit is due! My feeling is that a lot of people have been driven toward the neoconservative side by the failure of the liberal academic establishment to critique itself. Order and discipline in the schools: we have lost the will to insist upon that. I thought for San Francisco I should do that-make an extra effort! He had fled from Hitler. I'm sick and tired writers of these New Historicists with trust funds. And may I say what a pleasure writers it is to be here, a mere stone's throw from Harvard. This was where I realized-this was 1969-boy, I was bounced, fast, right out of the movement. Some of the best blogs, he writes, are the inscrutable products of borderline obsessive-compulsives.

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