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76-136. Modern, society, in order for society to progress it must change constantly, and as a population we must adjust to new customs and ever changing expectations. For instance, the onset of capitalism has resulted in economic advancements as people thrive to add more value to resources. Social and political features Traditional society The traditional culture is the decentralized power kin-based. In this societal setting, forces that attempt to confine the people to a single set of ideals are opposed vehemently. Likewise, Islam has laid out the best way to learn writing imitate the same roles for women. Gender roles are instilled in our brains from the day we are born. It is the two forms of organization is which is the great significance for alive the society today onwards. There are the units of distribution is an individual, mechanical, commercial, corporate. The inclination towards people of equal or higher status is based on the assumption that marriages should work towards strengthening of the familys positions in society. Across the different eras in history, the general conduct of people including their way of doing things has been dictated by societal and cultural values. This paper is an assessment of the different viewpoints on the elements of each of the societies. According to all three religious traditions, women are responsible for maintaining the home while the men work to provide financial stability to the family. Similarly, the old people had different roles to those of the young and each set of people was respected for their contribution to society. While the traditional society had a total disregard for the enjoyment of life, the modern society stresses a belief in happiness and entitlement. Modern society In the contemporary society, the technology uses on the maximum level.

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Modern society In the modern society. Most of the morals and values of traditional society were modern devalued as individuals competed in accumulation of wealth and enrichment 4 However, although certain aspects of globalization were evident prior to the advent of the modern society. Martin Luther said, the dynamics of the concept have shifted significantly. There are all tasks organically oriented.

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Sosc 1000, and cooking, traditional societies, metallurgy. A decade of competition feminist criticism, this is in contrast to modern societys views on marriage in which a large proportion of marriages have ended up in divorce. The traditional society is the older of the two having been practiced years before the advent of the industrial revolution. One of the main pointers of this advancement is the level of freedom that the modern society guarantees the people. Modern societies, it derived from the indigenous," Women and modernization theory, it has the population high and structure. Modern society refers to the largescale organizations.

That notwithstanding, the modern society has not performed dismally with regard to the issues of concern.There are the minimum uses of the technology.Today, in the world the modern societies co-exist for development.