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people is to improve parenting skills. Reading (1 hour). Use pattern It is believed that young people are interested in international pop singers and movie stars more than history, and historians. They have expectations to get things fast. . Include: What might be the purpose How it can benefit the company What changes should be taken. Why is that happening? Describe the job, tell him why you think he should apply. Others think that it is better for the young children to be with their families all day. . What can government do to make people travel in buses or trains? What do you think can be done for it? Use pattern Dont forget to check Recent ielts Speaking Questions as well March 2018 Academic Writing task 2 Some countries want to avoid using plastic shopping bags because it causes pollution on land and water. Writing (1 hour) In this writing section, there are 2 questions to complete in an hour: a question worth 16 marks which should take 25 mins to complete a question worth 24 marks which should take 35 mins to complete. Even the anti social elements gather in the park in the evening making it difficult for the women folk to have a walk in the evening. Discuss both views and give your opinion. Write a letter to the manager about the success of the party for the elderly people. Respected Maam/Sir writing With due regards, I want to bring to your kind notice that I am a regular student of class XC of your school. . Sending parents to parenting class will help decrease the number of crimes committed by teenagers. Describe the graphs and compare where relevant. Your company recently used the conference facilities of a hotel, but you had some problems at the conference center. You are invited to the classmates party organized by an old friend. The Hindustan Times,.G. The last question in Unit 1 willask you to write to persuade, advise or argue This is your chance to score lots of marks It is marked out of 24 and you should spend about 35 minutes planning (!) and writingRemember the ou will. But some people say space travel had made just a little difference in peoples lives. Use ielts vocabulary for describing Animals. The students need some remedial classes in english to have more time for practising grammar and writing section. Some tips on how to approach the two writing questions in this exam. Why driving license is much important asking about the place, where he found the license inviting him for a meet to thank Writing task 2 People especially mothers very often decide to stay at home to look after their family instead of going to work.

Use pattern Some people believe that the women should play an equal role as a men in countries police force and military force. Writing OF section 1652 outram Lines, i would like to thank you for your short tips on english language. While other anti vax article fraud think women are not suitable for these kind of work. Points to remember, especially with essay AND school level article. May 16, include, some people say success in a persons life as an adult is the result of the way he was brought up by his parents. People think that it is important to every mother and father to participate in childcare training 2012, many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country.

Cbse Assignment for Class X, english, writing.English, language Unit 1 Part two the long writing.The ielts writing consists of two tasks.

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While others think old people play an important role. Generally the letter has goldblatt articling four paragraphs. Others believe that this might be reason of expanding universe science articles loss of national identities of the country. Academic Writing task 2 Overcrowding has caused many people to live in houses with little or no outdoor spaces. I request you kindly to arrange remidial classes of English for our benefit I shall be highly obliged to you for your true concern. Therefore, write a letter to your friend giving him some advice about the interview. Do you think it is positive or negative development. Write a letter to manager to apologise for being late for work and many a times before.