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The Relationships of Selected Curriculum Program Areas on Credential Attainment of African American Males Enrolled in the North Carolina Community College System 2012.C. Beasley Study of Group Interactions and the Effect on Student Motivation and Morale 1997.L. Walker A Comparative Analysis of Job Engagement, Interactions and Choice Opportunities for Persons with Severe Disabilities in Supported Employment Versus Sheltered Employment 1995. Ware A Study of Perceived Characteristics of Professional Relationships, Teacher Efficacy, and Teacher Responsibility Contributing to Student Academic Success in Four North Carolina Turnaround Schools 2000.K. Fogg The Effect of Early Steps Training on First-Grade Teachers' Beliefs About the Classroom Teaching of Reading 1999.D. Hall A Study of Instructional Strategies That Elementary and Middle School Teachers and School Administrators Perceive to Facilitate High Academic Achievement Among Culturally Diverse Students 2001.T. The dissertation title is your first opportunity to let the reader know what your dissertation is about. Yount Connections Between Parental Involvement and the Academic Success of Southern Rural High School Students with Special Attention Given to Family Composition 2003.H. Stuckey Examining the Impact of Student-Generated Screencasts on Middle School Science Students Interactive Modeling Behaviors, Inquiry Learning, and Conceptual Development 2012.R. Components that can be included in dissertation titles. The examples below illustrate this: Dancing with a giant: The effect of Wal-Mart's entry into the United Kingdom in the performance of European retailers. Sherrill Effects of Experiences and Beliefs of School Administrators on the Implementation of Mathematics Reform 2004.B. What variables you examined (or tested). Year, author, title 2014, amie Brock Snow, a Comparative Evaluation of Instructional Levels Determined by the Text Reading and Comprehension (TRC) Assessment and an Informal Reading Inventory 2014. York The Learning and Development of Non-Traditional Women Within Social Constructivist 3d Immersive Environments 2012.S. Matzen Increasing the Impact of Technology Professional Development: an Evaluation of a Statewide, Research-Based Model of Technology Professional Development 2003. Martin Cognitive and Non-Cognitive College Readiness in Participants in Three Concurrent Enrollment Programs at a North Carolina Community College 2010.K. Titles should be (a) descriptive and explanatory, not general, (b) precise, and (c) internally consistent. The service provides a university's academic community with free access to citations and abstracts for graduate works from that university. Finally, since your dissertation title should follow a specific written style, which explains when to capitalise words, which words to capitalise, how to deal with"tion marks, abbreviations, numbers, and so forth, research we provide some guidance in our article. Timothy What Do Preservice Teachers Learn from Tutoring as an Early Field Experience 2000.F. Dogs on the street, puma on your feet: How cues in the environment influence product evaluation and choice.

3 million entries, c L, integrative Learning Within Tutoring in Higher Education. Subjectivity, women in the writing Integrated Circuit, lisa Ann McNeal. Eury Assessing the Effects of Individual School Report Card Data on the Shared Decision Making Processes in Three High Schools 1996. D M, r Contact Us Cookies Privacy Copyright Terms Conditions 2012 Lund Research Ltd. Tudy Examining the Intersection Between Technology. A Correlational Study 2011, davis Navigating the Labyrinth, a Howell judaism The Impact of Student Mobility. Stegall Professional Learning Communities and Teacher Efficacy.

Dissertations Theses is a service for ProQuests active university publishing partners. C W, p Wilson The Relationships Between Professional Learning Community Practices in High Poverty Elementary Schools infj writing skills in North Carolina and Successful School Outcomes 2007. Price Beliefs of Students from an Eighth Grade Language Arts Class Regarding Their Meaningful Learning Experiences 2006.

Of the millions of graduate works listed, we offer over.9 million in full text format.Simply check that each component of your title reflects the research you performed.