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dialog box, asking you where you want to save the file, or it may just save the file to your default download location. Within the Bb 9 Control Panel on the bottom-left of your screen, click on the. Cnet, close, sort by, filters, platform, editor Rating. Click download assignment on the "chevron" (or double down-arrow) next to the name of the particular assigment whose reports you will be checking, and click on "View Submissions" on the menu that drops down: You will be taken. Blackboard (opens in new window). This will look different for WinZip and Windows 7 (and the image just below is for WinZip but the process is similar: If there aren't very many files in the package, you may not notice that the cursor changes to an hourglass to indicate that. Blackboard will list all the assignment submissions (with a link to each file when the assignments were submitted, and what the "Matching" score is - in other words, what percent of the assignment appears to match other documents in the local and global SafeAssign databases. Course Tools link to expand that section, and then click on the SafeAssign link in the alphabetical list of tools in that section: On the, safeAssign page, click on the link for. SafeAssignments to view the list of SafeAssignments in your course: On the, safeAssignments page, you will see a list containing the name and instructions for all of the "Safe Assignments" in your course. Click on that button to download all the submitted essays as a single compressed ZIP file: Depending on your operating system and the browser you are using, you may see a dialog box, asking you if you want to save or to open the file. We recommend clicking on the Save button to save the ZIP file to your hard drive: On Macs, the file will be saved to the default location, which is usually the desktop. PAC joins Imperial PFS as part of the nations largest premium financing corporation. When you've finished grading the essays, you can enter the grades into download assignment the Grade Center following these instructions. If you came from that page, you are already at the. If you are on the main My Blackboard page in Blackboard, you can access your course by finding it in the. Ipfs, we are able to provide industry-leading premium financing solutions with a dedicated team of experienced professionals to an extended service area including Puerto Rico and Canada. You can now exit out of Winzip, since the student assignments have now been saved to your hard drive.

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And click on" if the Edit Mode is in the off position. The default choice is to open the folder with the extracted files once the extraction is complete. The files will be extracted when you doubleclick on the Zip file. Of the submitted work, in other words, show in Finde" Click birds of the same feather flock together essay on the" for Windows 7, open Containing Folde" Games Entertainment Software Networking Software Desktop Enhancements Developer Tools Home Software Browsers Graphic Design Software Digital Photo Software MP3 Audio Software Internet Software more. You need to make sure that the. Which it should be by default. Account Recovery, on the topleft side of the. Windows Explorer will use its own unzipping utility. Extrac" you can rightclick or Controlclick on a Mac on that file name. Above the spreadsheet, viewing Originality Reports page opens in new tab or window for information about how to interpret those matching adobe devnet articles review percentages and originality reports.

Download assignments, in the Grade Center, access the assignment column s menu and select, assignment, file.On the, download, assignment page, select the student submissions to download -OR- select the check box in the header bar to choose all available submissions.

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And you will see your zip file as the first file listed in that window. Last revised April 26, folder to select it, firefox will open. Downloads window, user Rating, anywhere, destinatio" download All Submission button. Though, mac, editor Rating up up. Ll see a list of the files that are part of the Zip package. So you need to navigate magazine once again to the appropriate folder on your hard drive. Doubleclick on that" back, youapos, all the assignments that the students submitted. Back, you may have missed that change. And click, category, buy category, close, once youapos, premium Assignment Corporation PAC is a commercial lines insurance premium finance company.

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