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of antibodies, biopharmaceuticals and edible vaccines in plants. After boiled for 10 min, the soluble fractions of these samples were separated by SDS-page and then blotted onto nitrocellulose membrane. ZmUbi-1, Zea mays polyubiquitin-1 promoter; CaMV35S, cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter; G6, the synthase isolated from Pseudomonas putida fused with chloroplast transit peptide at the N-terminus (gb: EU169459 R450i, the inverted repeat sequence of the 207bp fragment of CYP81A6 ; LB and RB, left and. The influence of transgenic cry1Ab/cry1Ac, cry1C and cry2A rice on non-target planthoppers and their main predators under field conditions. The gap of the killing dose of bentazon between the transgenic and non-transgenic plants is quite wide. According to the current projection in growth rate it has been estimated that the world population will have a jump.7 by 2030 and thus the jump in the food need is self-understood. Insect pest management in tropical Asian irrigated rice. We demonstrated that such transgenic rice could be selectively eliminated by bentazon. Therefore, this method of creating transgenic rice constitutes a novel strategy of transgene containment, which appears simple, reliable and inexpensive for implementation. Romeis,., Meissle,., Raybould,. Daniell H (2007) Transgene containment by maternal inheritance: Effective or elusive? In this strategy, the transgenic rice could be detected and terminated selectively by a registered agrichemical. Diagram of the T-DNA fragment of the binary plasmid pG6-450i for Agrobacterium transformation. It has been almost two decades since the first transgenic rice came into existence. Applied and environmental microbiology. The severity in reduction of crop production has forced the plant scientists to engineer for abiotic stress tolerance. 31 to isolate psy (for phytoene synthase) and crt1 (for phytoene desaturase) form daffodil and bacteria respectively and let them introduce in rice genome successfully. Zhao C,. To determine the minimum dose required for terminating the transgenic rice, the transgenic plans of the four events, R450-2, R450-5, R450-6 and R450-7, were then further tested with spray of bentazon at 500, 10 mg/L, respectively. Transgenic plants with insecticidal crystal protein from Bacillus thuringiensis could drastically reduce the use of broad-spectrum insecticides against insect pests. The RNAi suppression of the bentazon detoxification gene CYP81A6 RT-PCR was used to estimate the relative abundance of the CYP81A6 mRNA in transgenic rice and non-transgenic rice. The biometrical data on plant height, number of panicles per plant, panicles length, number of grains per panicles and weight per 1000 grains were measured, recorded and the mean values were analyzed by Duncan's multiplerange test using the DPS statistical software (Refine Information Tech. Bacillus thuringiensis is a major source of insecticidal genes imparting insect resistance in transgenic plants. This PCR amplified ZmUbi-1 promoter was digested with Bam HI and Hind III, and then ligated in a 3-way to the synthetic G6 gene predigested with Eco RI and Bam HI, and the plasmid p1300-450i predigested with Hind III and Eco.

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The transgenic rice plants from the solution culture were replanted to policy soil containers in greenhouse. There is a risk that insect could become resistant to the Bt toxin. Similar results were also reported in previous researches on Bt rice. Beyond these qualities several other qualities such as improved oil content.

Golden rice is the result of an effort to develop rice varieties t hat.Because traditional rice varieties do not produce provitamin-A, transgenic technologies.For articles addressing some of the arguments against golden rice.

Importantly, such as rice, but also disperse to nearby weedy rice and other sexually compatible Oryza species. Yu H, sheng C, corn, the generated cry2AX1 transgenic rice plants showed low level of Cry2AX1 expression. Doi, xuan, transgenic rice not only could contaminate nontransgenic conventional rice. Which in what is transgenic technology for rice articles turn resulted in reduced accumulation of toxins in insects that did not cause the mortality but brought about the reduction in size. G6 was isolated from Pesudomonas putid in our laboratory recently. Which cooccur with cultivated rice in field. Chloroplast transformation is still considered as a sound containment strategy for pollen spreading. Simple and reliable containment strategies for transgenes are highly desirable. Although pollen was found to be able to transmit transgenes in chloroplast genomes at a very low rate in tobacco. The picture was taken 7 days after the spray.