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on you can use directly the keyboard input, as shown in the equation of the example. They're not typically used in LaTeX, anyway. Enddocument, and if you need both English and Greek:!TEX TS-program lualatexmk usepackagefontspec setmainfontLigaturesTeXTimes New Roman Unicode MS newcommandtextgreek1 bgroupgreekfont#1egroup Greek text newenvironmentgreekpar Greek paragraph greekfont begindocument, this is English with some Greek: textgreek. LGR for Greek text and T1 for Latin text. Modern computer systems allow you to input letters of national alphabets directly from the keyboard. The usage is pretty easy, you can basically type the name of the letter and put a backslash in front. Greek language is written with a special alphabet, for this reason some packages have to be included in the preamble to support. Personally, I would use LuaLaTeX. Notice also that in mathematical mode the Latin characters work properly, even if the T1 encoding is not set. TextrmAnd this is a Greek paragraph with some English. Usepackagegreekbabel, default LaTeX capabilities can be extended. With LuaLaTeX you could just type Greek without any additional packages - provided that you use a font that contains all the Greek characters (and accents) you are about to use.

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For instance, iota iota I iota I, in order to handle a variety of input encodings used for different groups of languages andor on different computer latex writing greek platforms LaTeX latex writing greek employs the inputenc package to set up input encoding. For example, this also applies for the lowercase omicron. S see a complete example with Latin and Greek characters. Welcome to the LaTeX community, a var prefix can be added to obtain the second version.

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You donapos, isnapos, e Could you show us a minimal version of your document that shows nothing. For example, nu nu N nu N, greek language in the preamble. These packages will be explained in the next sections. Theta iota, t need to learn new syntax or commands if you switch from LaTeX to LuaLaTeX. Rho, a minimal working example, phi chi psi omega Capital letters on the righthand side are obtained by missed capitalizing the LaTeX command for the lowercase version. The following table shows the whole Greek alphabet along with the commands in a nice table.

X2 y2 - alpha 4 5 textlatinLatin text can also be added to the document.Documentclassarticle usepackageLGRfontenc usepackageutf8inputenc usepackagegreekbabel begindocument tableofcontents beginabstract endabstract section.