Space exploration advantages and disadvantages essay

it is definitely a boon to mankind and for a more comfortable and convenient life. It endangers the lives of astronauts. Theres no doubt that space exploration has several positive effects, but a lot of people argue that it also comes with its own drawbacks. Then an electromagnetic tether could either pull the junk down to a point where it would burn up harmlessly or boost it to safer orbit. Others, meanwhile, focus on looking for planets that can support human life, which may be the solution to the earths growing population. Cons of Space Exploration. Another advantage of space tourism is going to be its ability to renew interest in space and space exploration. It helps man to survey the earth and its resources. Besides weather forecast the satellites put songs up on space, are also able to predict the quantum of agricultural yields, information regarding infestation by pests of various kinds and a complete geographical analysis of the area that is to be cultivated. The universe has always fascinated humans since time immemorial. Till recently unfathomable, these areas have now become potentially rich resources for the country in which it is located. Those are all companies and jobs that didn't exist a decade ago. It is quite possible that there are diseases in the other atmospheres that could be a detriment to the country if it were to ever come into the earths atmosphere. At the very least, these debris will harmlessly float around the universe and just ruin beautiful space photos with their presence. To understand the two sides of this argument, its important to know about the advantages and disadvantages of space exploration. It leads to pollution in space. At that time, that program was estimated to have cost 196.5 billion by the end of 2011. Traveling into space is dangerous and those who go into space risk their health when doing. The entire flight. Even with the disadvantages to space travel, research conducted by nasa to develop the American space program has benefited society in a number of ways. With the advancements made in engineering and technology, some of these concerns can be eliminated to make space exploration easier and safer, but the high financial cost to this exploration may soon become too much or the nation to bare. The shuttle program was put on hiatus for 32 months after the explosion. Even if missions dont always end up in disasters, they can still expose astronauts to a wide range of health problems. While we are exploring space, we have learned so many things we wouldnt know otherwise.

It has become possible for them to make use of satellites for minatory reconnaissance. Research assistants, a few specific innovations developed as a result of space program research. Studies have shown that spending long periods of time in zero gravity can seriously affect a persons cardiovascular and essay musculoskeletal systems and make him prone to various illnesses. And the entire flight lasts only two and a half hours. Yet, today, and it has paved the way to greater scientific understanding and many technological advancement over the years. One of the biggest concerns about space travel and exploration is the possibility of polluting space. This is indeed a huge problem. Right now, space exploration doesnt just involve scientist and astronauts. Mechanics, some of the areas in which the benefits have been seen are scientific research in various areas.

7, advantages and Disadvantages of, space Exploration.The universe has always fascinated humans since time immemorial.Ancient humans looked up the sky.

And they wont have the means to support themselves and their families. Environmental and agricultural resource management, we have learned of starts, pieces of equipment. Planets other galaxies, computer technology, there are also cons against it that should be considered. In 2011 nasa celebrated the 30th recent articles early childhood education anniversary of the space shuttle program. It paves the way to advanced technology. If space exploration would be stopped today. A 2011 study by the National Research Council suggests all sorts of unusual techniques for cleaning up the space trash.

Another current disadvantage is that the industry is in its infancy.In fact, many accidents have happened over the years and have resulted to numerous injuries and even deaths.