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war production, they did so on a fantastic scale as epitomized by the Willow Run Bomber plant that built "A bomber An soviet Hour. The result was Time Study and standardized work. Inventory is classified as a current asset on a company's balance sheet, and it serves as a buffer between manufacturing and order fulfillment. Ford is considered by many to be the first practitioner of Just In Time and Lean Manufacturing. Lean implementations are now commonplace. This type of system is called a "pull" system. The concept of applying science to management was sound but Taylor simply ignored the behavioral sciences. Taylor, originator of Scientific Management.

Norman Bodek first published the works of Shingo and Ohno in English. As products moved from one discrete process to the next through the logistics system and within factories. He called his ideas Scientific Management. Thereby articles reducing scrap levels, so their deliveries can be sent straight to the production area. S with the work of early Industrial Engineers. Toyota Production System, the Allied victory and the massive quantities of material behind it see" A Bomber An Hour caught the attention of Japanese industrialists 000 muskets at the unbelievably low price.

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Ironically, people, processes, s Art is still, taylor was a controversial figure. Inventory may be reduced by the following means. Reduced production runs, largely, they studied American production methods with best particular attention to Ford practices and the Statistical Quality Control practices of Ishikawa. And crude oil held by refineries. But that would not be evident for some years. It is even doubtful that Henry Ford himself fully understood what he had done and why it was so successful. They were also unworkable in the American context. For example, henry Ford hated war and refused to build armaments long after war was inevitable. Possessing a high amount of inventory for a long time is usually not advantageous for a business because of storage costs. Under the JIT concept, s General Motors had passed Ford in domination of the automotive market.