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potential Facebook followers. Show a sneak peek of an upcoming book release. When I first did this step, I ended up with this, which looks like a hot mess. Click the video and drag it up or down to the vertical orientation of your liking. Claire Delacroix, show a scene or artwork from your book. Create a Facebook cover photo template a) Open Photoshop, and go to File New. What benefits the cover text provides is unclear at this stage, though if it's rolled out more widely, it could become a new Facebook SEO factor, a means to help sort Page relevance and connect you to what you're seeking. Annalisa Modotto nicely illustrates a progression of thought, with an edible resolution. Colleen Hoover, colleen has her cover photo optimized perfectly, too. Other requirements for Facebook cover photos and videos. And look at that perfectly optimized cover photo! This is the best size to choose if youre making a cover photo and want to know exactly how it will look before you upload. As you upload more cover photos, youll build up a library. Whats being cut off when your cover photo is panned-and-scanned to mobile format? If you ever want to replace your current cover photo with an older one, click Select Photo instead of Upload Cover Photo in step 3, and youll be able to choose from previously uploaded images. Get Started Filed under: Social Share. (Optional step) add text or other design elements Heres when you can add your logo, ad copy or other text/design elements. How will the finer details look on a smaller screen? Daniel Arenson, hugh Howey, promote a book discount, laurelin Paige RaShelle Workman Promote your international presence Liane Moriarty Show off your unique personality Tanya Anne Crosby George.R. Resize the photo in your template a) Tab back to your template file. Facebook cover videos are another way to grab a users attention and drive user interactions on your page. And feel free to post URLs to your Timeline in the comments. Facebooks call-to-action buttons appear on the right side of your profile; ideally, your images should draw the eye to that section of the page. A preview of your video will appear in the cover space.

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Just mouse over the image, at which point cover your cursor becomes a hand icon. Create a continuation of the cover photo. A good cover photo can result in increased engagement.

Facebook s Testing a New Option to Add Text to Cover Photos o n Pages.These new enhancements only apply to Pages with a cover photo.

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Remember, the Select Artwork button contains a number of premade background images for your cover photo space. Facebook cover photos meta topical are more writing a essay online for free rectangular. We recently started testing several cover area designs and enhancements to help businesses feature key information more prominently.