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ve forgotten my password. It itself is becoming oppressive. I will be absolutely ferocious. For example, my struggles with gender, my struggles with sexual orientation, my anguish over so many decades produced my work. Throughout history, rape has been condemned by honorable men. That's why Freud has been so useful for me, because of the way he is able to study the dream process and to find words to articulate these ambiguous nonverbal phenomena. For sight is the keenest of the physical senses, though wisdom is not seen by it - how passionate would be our desire for it, if such a clear image of wisdom were granted as would come through sight - and the same is true. We of the Sixties were often in revolt against liberals. There were anonymous posters put up recently all over New York, with Jodie Foster's picture: "Absolutely Queer." Absolutely queer? And I think that the last twenty years have been hell for those of us of the Sixties. The only answer pro animal testing article personal narrative to the competing tyrannies of religion and Hollywood is art.

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