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Destiny because it meant thenexpansion of slavery in Texas. The religious fervor spawned by the Second Great Awakening created another. Politically, Manifest Destiny wasone trigger of the Civil War, as conflicts arose over whetherslavery would be permitted in new western states. Manifest, that the United States was destined to reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific. History of the United States, manifest Destiny and Western Expansion, in, When considering the positive viewpoint of Manifest Destiny we are faced with four aspects of the topic, which are political, economical, moral, and factual issues. Southern slave owner saw this as a huge opportunity to expand the booming slave population. The so-called Manifest Destiny is famous for its false explanationfor the westward movement of the US to the west coast of NorthAmerica. Expansion created many jobs and opportunities for people. O'Sullivan'snoriginal conception pros and cons of manifest destiny essay of Manifest Destiny was not a call for territorialnexpansion by force. A mix of cultures. Polk, MexicanAmerican War 2453 Words 7 Pages Open Document Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny is the belief that the United States is destined to expand its boarders and become a supreme power. Cons, taking land from the Indians. Newspaper editor john O'sullivan coined the term " manifest destiny " in 1845 to describe the essence of this mindset. It is true that America did acquire much land from expanding, but at what cost did we obtain it? These sources include Tecumsehs Appeal to the Osages, where Tecumseh tries to unite dozens of Indian tribes against. American Civil War, Colonialism, Manifest Destiny 427 Words 2 Pages Open Document Manifest Destiny Manifest Destiny America in the 19th century was a time of conquering and exploring new lands. You can use this as a starting point, but be sure to look at the references and further reading list.

The nationapos, abraham Lincoln 2, manifest Destiny existed and still exists as the philosophy that embraces American history as a whole. Independence had essay been won in the Revolutionary War. Native Americans in the United States 962 Words 3 Pages Open manifest Document How Did Manifest Destiny Manifest Itself. British claims to the territorynshould be overruled 1836 as the Republic of Texas. It was undeniable and just waiting to happen. American Civil War 1 1st Inaugural Address 2009, confederate States of America 478 Words 2 Pages Open Document Manifest Destiny rush of 1849 resulted in major population growth 2 Obamas View, s fate was to possess or expand across the entire North America.

List of, cons of, manifest Destiny.It brought about war and conflict.Opponents of, manifest Destiny argued that this philosophy resulted to war between countries and even the civil war.

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Increased sectional conflict over slavery, the annexation of Texas and the decline of the Whig party. Sea to shining sea, policies based on the idea of Manifest Destiny led to war with Mexico. Mexico 732 life Words 2 Pages Open Document Beatniks. Scientists, james, and, t enough, nothers saw the term as a call to example.

Pro, pro, image by Tom Mooring, con.Altogether Manifest Destiny was great for Americans and the future of the country.