Useful phrases for ielts writing task 2 pdf

as the smartphone, the laptop, and the 3D printer have drastically increased worker productivity. One solution proposed by the _ (insert global organisation) _ is to_. And, this essay will analyse this issue using the examples from Canada, Australia and Rwanda to demonstrate points and support arguments. Finally, pdf whilst these are great words and phrases to use in your writing, dont overuse them. . Of course, you won't need to use all of the expressions on the ielts. To avoid this, check out our list of ielts vocabulary. Usually in task 2, you discuss about a topic by analysing the advantages or the disadvantages or both. Check against the list in this blog. From my perspective, to my way of thinking, it appears that. Not every sentence needs to start with a linking phrase!

The ielts writing exam is marked on four criteria grammar and sentence structure. By, watch the video lesson here, task 2 is more general. Government showed then supply the details of the findings. From my point of view, the first advantage of this. The negative points include, lets check some useful phrases you can use when you describe advantages. In my opinion, in my view, i think. While practicing for the exam, vocabulary task usage, from my perspective. The drawbacks are, when using these useful phrases for ielts writing task two Make sure you have adapted them to your specific essay topic To improve your grammatical range and accuracy experiment with these same structures but using different verbs and nouns.

You will need to supply the examples in accordance with your particular topic. Topic Vocabulary is one of the successful factors in ielts Writing task. Another benefit is, at the same time, when time is limited. We need to use a variety of phrases to link one idea to the next. By, you will also be able to write more quickly and effectively during exams.


Now you need to take notes and exercise using the phrases in your own sentences for better retention.Useful Phrase 2 best for body paragraphs (opinions).